Posted on February 16, 2016 12:21

This fall, there will be two weekends set aside for the 3-Day Cursillo Weekend.

During these joyful weekends of learning, music, laughter, prayer, sharing, reflection and silence, you will encounter our Lord and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.  

The weekend touches each person in a unique way.  For some it is life changing or a grand awakening and for others it opens the door to a deeper relationship with Christ.

Jesus is thirsting for our love and attention.  This weekend gives us a precious opportunity to spend time in His presence building our relationship with Him and feeling His love in return.

The Men's weekend is:  October 5-8

The Women's weekend is:  November 2-5

You will be so glad that you said yes and attended this weekend as so many others have before.  For more information go to the Cursillo website.  To sign up for the weekend, email Sue Forcier.

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