Annual Pecan Sale

Posted on November 03, 2016 in: General News

Annual Pecan Sale Sponsored by the Catholic Daughters


12 oz plain mammouth or chocolate covered pecans &$8.00/bag.
Cinnamon Glazed Pecans $8.00/Bag Glazed Pecans $8.00/Bag
Carmel Pecan Clusters $8.00/Bag

Also available are:

16 Oz Plain Mammouth Pecans $10.00/Bag
Pecan Rolls $4.00 each.
Walnuts $8.00/Bag
Roasted, salted jumbo cashews $8.00/Bag
Tin 7-Way nut assortment……..$20.00

Great gifts for Christmas or Stocking Stuffers. (Try them and you will love them!)

Contact Arline Marro at 542-5933. Checks are payable to Catholic Daughters #892