Paul Koleske is a Contemporary Catholic Christian Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Speaker, and Recording Artist.  He has 3 CDs to his credit; FREE ME – THANK YOU LORD – I BELIEVE.  He travels the United States of America conducting Parish Missions, Concerts & Reflections, Retreats, and Youth Ministry Events.

On Sunday, August 2nd @ 7:00 pm, Paul Koleske will appear at St. Mary Catholic Church, 32 Central Street, Claremont, NH.  Paul will be offering a Concert of his Inspired Music and Inspirational Spoken Reflections as a special event for everyone in St. Mary's Parish! He will sing at all weekend Masses in addition to sharing his ministry Sunday night.

His Catholic Music & Speaking Ministry began after a miraculous experience on December 12, 1993, (which he will share in his presentation). Paul’s Concert Series have been called a “mini personal retreat” by those who’ve experienced a lifting of heart, mind, and soul. His music and spoken reflections will provide you with an increased sense of peace, insight and inspiration for your spiritual well-being.  This is far more than a musical event and you are welcome to bring family and friends to hear his witness and see how it can affect your life as a Catholic Christian.  

The concert is free and a free will gift offering will be taken.